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fish stall

Operate today! Successfully nego with the local authority. Instead of RELA, we hire old uncles frm the neighborhood to take care of the registration. Half the price and very responsible~ win win win. 👍

Erm... recently me and my bro realized my dad is more forgetful after the operation. Is he becoming like goldfish??? (It's false btw, scientists proved that goldfish has >3s memory 😆)

Bro called dad: Help me tapao later.
Dad: Okay.

(Dad went home without food.)

Dad: Eh, why are you home?
Dad: Why u didn't ask me to tapao for u since u r home?

Bro: What? I just called u one hour ago eh!
Dad: Is it? No la, u didn't.

Bro: I did.
Dad: No, u didn't.
Bro: Check your phone log.

Dad: ... How u insert fake record to my phone log?

(Okay, u win 😂😂😂)

This is js one of the few examples. Is this defined as "forgotten" or "lost of memory"? He couldn't recall that at all.

These only happened recently. Not sure if it's aging or short term (due to the strong doses of antibiotics). Let's monitor. 😧

Good thing is he still rmb how to win mahjong and calculate winning amount in light speed. 😆

If one day, he is going to lost his memory, I hope he at least rmb us children. Else, send him to old folks home! 😂

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