Fish 065

fish in basket
fish in basket

This week no selling, because we "heard" police and DBKL are coming!
Don't ask me how we "heard". You know there are ways. 😏

Me: Why no selling since we are legal business?
Dad: To avoid whatever potential troubles.

Me: What sorta trouble we can get in oh?
Dad: U know... there are this new SOP requires pasar to hire RELA to take care of the crowd queue and registration.

Me: Good SOP, hire la.
Dad: One RELA costs about RM 80, and we need a few.
Me: Then? Price ok ma, and u all sellers split the cost anyway.

Dad: Expensive la, it's only less than 4 hours. My hourly wage is less than that.
Dad: Pasar is not crowded. Many still don't dare to come out.

Dad: Also many sellers nt willing to pay. Why throw money into the sea?
Me: Yayaya... Many not willing to pay, including YOU.

Dad: You get a free rest day now, not happy?

Errr... Generally I think the SOP is a right thing to do. But I also understand the profit vs cost concerns of the pasar sellers.

Let's say 10 sellers splitting the cost of 6 RELA, each seller needs to fork out RM 48. Not a lot from my perspective, but...
RM 48 could be a seller's whole morning income or a big portion of it.

Need to work on driving down the RELA headcount or nego a better price then. That's none of my business~

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