Fish 062

Tiger prawns
Tiger prawns

I wanna to eat prawn! But dad nt back in business yet. 🥺

Had dinner with dad last night. His phone kept ringing - text, calls, voice messages non-stop.

A,B,C...Z: Are you open tmr? Can I order fish? I want fish xxx tmr ...
Dad: Aiya, I'm still in recovering. Hopefully back in biz next week!

Me: Wah, so busy hor. U really popular aren't you?
Dad: Haiz, I feel sad.

Me: Why sad? Seeing all the money (potential earnings) fly away? Or feel sorry to the customers?
Dad: (Didn't answer, but show sad face) Haiz. 😟

Me: No worries about customers la, they will go get fish somewhere else temporarily.
Me: Maybe temporary become permanently then u gg. 😆

Me: Anyway, u guai guai recover first, don't rush it.
Me: Else later u operate, and infection again, earn a bit but another few k gone. 💰 Cannot la!

It's a risk when u, as a business, don't operate consistently, coz customers will buy from somewhere else, and might switch forever if find it better.

However, without a healthy body, you can do nothing.

Can only follow up with them on phone lo, beat competitors with the relationship u build over years. Hopefully they'll be back when u r back again. 💪

Again, stay healthy all! Probably watch more meme and funny videos to stay sane! 😆

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