Fish 058

Fish stall
Fish stall

Woot, COVID cases are rising but EMCO ended mostly. Stationary and phone shops can resume biz but roadside pasar still can't operate! 😳

There are some roadside pasar stalls start operating illegally. 🙊

Me: How ah? Nt scare police come saman meh?
Dad: No choice lo, need money ma. Open super early and close before police wake up.

Me: But in case police wake up early come raid, and the stall got fine, it's nt worth it!
Dad: Sometimes u js need to risk it. Maybe can nego ma~

Me: Can nego with virus ah?
Dad: ...

"Sometimes u js need to risk it" is a good life quote, but doesn't apply to everything I guess!?

Well, we all broke rules sometime. Who am I to judge whether it's worth it or not right? That's the risk taker's call.
Caught by police or not, stay safe and healthy all!

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