Fish 057

Fish stall
Fish stall

Pasar still close, but shopping mall reopened today!?

Dad fell down and hurt his arm few days ago when delivering fish to a customer.

Me: Why you fell down ah? Never see road properly?
Dad: The floor is slippery. My slippers has no pattern already (worn out).

Dad: You know what. Luckily I always drink milk.
Me: Huh?

Dad: See my bone is so strong now. Even I fell, it js hurt a little bit.
Me: 😂 Keep your positivity on!

Me: (Secretly think: But if it's that strong, u dun even need to go clinic ah... 🙊)

Case rises, but let's keep your positivity on.

At least I am happy that my dad can go get a pair of slippers coz shopping mall is open! 🙈


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