Fish 056

Fish stall
Fish stall

Pasar still close. A random conversation with dad.

Dad: You thought being a dad easy?
Me: Difficult meh, I see ur life now pretty chill.

Dad: U don't knw the hardship I went through being the sole bread winner when u all r kids.

Dad: So many "mouths" waiting for food, need to make sure I earn enough to provide.

Dad: The fact that u r still here, talking so much, nt die due to hunger is already a good achievement of me.
Me: Oh...

With sis out of job, bro forced to take long unpaid leaves, dad can't operate fish biz, I feel the need of nt losing my income.

The pressure of bread winner must be 9999x than that, especially those out of job, with kiddo, old parents waiting for food, plus this unknown pandemic end date, really holly shit, feeling future-less.

Some who did well before COVID, and struggle since then find it hard to ask for help - "feeling no face" (shameful).
Suicidal rate increase significantly since pandemic. Between ending life and raising white flag (asking for help, nt give up), choose the latter.

Kerajaan failed us, nt the first time, wont be the last. Biar #KitaJagaKita, donate and help if you can.
Hang in there all! 💪

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