Fish 045

fish stall
fish stall

A gg day, both me and the pasar business. Raining, customers all hv good sleep didn't come pasar. Me still woke up at 6 despite sleeping at 3am, tired. 🥺😴

"You should treat all customers equally, u r being unfair," an auntie told dad today.
The conversation started coz my dad has a whole bag of hidden glutinous fishes #糯米糍 (nt putting on the table coz all pre-booked, such hot fish).
Auntie A noticed it when my dad took it out for a pre-booked customer.

A: Eh, why got glutinous fish. I want.
Dad: All booked ady, limited.

A: Aiyo, I told u long time ago to reserve for me if got stock.
Dad: Is it, I forgot.

(Dad packing glutinous fishes for a premium customer 😎)
A: (Triggered) Am I not a big customer so u didn't reserve for me?
Dad: No la, limited stock really. Next time sure reserve for u.

A: But u could hv give the limited stock to me. I buy fish frm u every week leh. Always spend quite a bit, am I not a big customer?
A: You should treat all customers equally, u r being unfair. I am big customer also.
Dad: (Squeeze out a glutinous fish somewhere) Ok la, give u one la, took frm another customer one.

A: Haiz, u knw I hv big family, I want two.
Dad: Really don't hv ady. Do u want it?

A: Don't want, I want two.
Dad: Really dun hv. Next time la.

B: Give me that as well.
A: (Paused for a min) I think I js take the one.
B: No, js now u said dun want already.
A: But now I want it.

Me: (gg la, customers fight)
Dad: (Talk to 😎 Js give her the one la.

B: Cannot, I lazy to come out buy fish tmr and she didn't want it js nw.
A: Why are you all being so unfair to me, it supposed to be mine, bla bla bla~~~

Me: 🥱 (It's js a fish!)

What is equality? Standard service are available to all customers (clean, pack, pretty smiles by me, etc).
As a biz, of course there're service offered based on tier lol.

Anyone can reserve fish, but the fish availability is subject to market and... priority.
I mean, seriously. Premium customers who generate have higher priority.

Is it unfair? That's js the life fact one needs to accept. Upgrade your membership if u want it, stop act and think you are one coz...



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