Fish 042

fish packs
fish packs

Ishh, today morning drizzling, make me work OT...

These 2 bags got premium packing (with ice), premium marking (with emoji) and premium delivery service by me. 😎

9.30 am still left 5 white pomfrets #白昌

Me: Dad, do u want to see top sales in action?
Dad: I am the top of the top already.

Me: 🙄 Walao, so u want me to help sell all these fishes anot?
Dad: Want lah. Can ah?

Call 1

Me: (Calling Kenneth) Jie ah, wanna buy pomfret? Good for babies.
Ken: How much?

Me: Buy 2 la, RM 39.
Ken: RM 39 each or total?

Me: (The fact he asked that question mean he doesn't usually buy fish 😂) It's total lah.
Ken: Ok.

Call 2

Me: (Calling Hugo) Kwan ah, wanna buy pomfrets for ur family?
Hugo: Oh, ok.

Me: How many u want? 2?
Hugo: Ok.

Me: (Didn't even ask price. 😂)

Sell 4 fishes in 5 min. Not bad ah. 😎

Just when I wanna make another call to sell the last one, 1 auntie passed by.

Me: Wah, auntie, lucky u, left the last pomfret waiting for u.
Auntie: Really ah? Fresh anot?

Me: (Straight weighting) As fresh as your look today. Last one sell u cheap cheap, RM 18. (Actually I didn't discount)
Auntie: Haha, okay, help me pack it.

Woohoo, sold out. Off work!

Me: How's your daughter performance?
Dad: U can inherit my fish business ady.

Me: 😂

Learning today: It's okay to utilize your friends sometimes, especially it's for their own good, fresh fishes! 😂

Thanks my friends Hugo and Kenneth for giving me a chance to be the top of the top sales today!

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