Fish 036


Pasar still off tdy. That's the sea cucumber and fish maws my dad sold. Yum yum.

There're abalone in it too. But that's a low quality one. Why?

Dad: Wah, ppl come back and find the abalone we sold.
Me: Oh?

Dad: Ppl said it's good. Gt an auntie even came back and buy 6 more.
Me: Doesn't matter to us. U didn't even left one for us. #再好吃都不关我们事

Dad: This one we r eating r given by supplier one.
Me: No wonder. U cheapskate so ppl give u cheap abalone oso la. 😂

Dad: Cheapskate what. Got abalone is good enough ady. Still want to talk 3 talk 4 tokok. Children at Africa gt nothing to eat u knw.
Me: (Since when u care about Africa, u don't even care about us.) 🙄

I hope parents these days don't keep talking about Africa children like that. It's nt exactly like that lol.

Anyway, Gong Xi Fatt Chai all!

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