Fish 035

steam fish
steam fish

Obviously no pasar tdy but gt story.

As I observed, most reunion dinners hv fish on table. Tq for the businesses. ☺️

That's the tradition symbolizes "every year gt surplus", js how money-minded Chinese ppl is. πŸ˜‚ #εΉ΄εΉ΄ζœ‰δ½™πŸŸ #ζ‰ŽεΉ΄

Dad & bro fight few days ago before CNY. Tension has been quite some time since they pasar together.

Sigh, I received multiple complaint calls frm them per day. πŸ™‰


Bro called: Can't stand your dad anymore, it's spring cleaning, he wanna keep all those useless shit. Bla bla bla~
Me: Oh.

Dad called: Ur bro wanna throw away everything. Useful stuff also wanna throw. Why? Bla bla bla~
Me: Don't know.

Bro called: I come stay with u. I don't wan to stay with him anymore. I come now.
Me: Har...

Dad called: Ask ur bro no need to come home anymore. I can stay myself. Ask him forever don't need to come back.
Me: Har...

Dad called: U come help me sell fish tmr. Don't need ur useless bro anymore.
Me: Cannot. I am busy working.

Dad: Shut up. U r my daughter, come help me, it's an order.
Me: He is also your son. U go settle with him. Why u two so funny one...

Afternoon. Bro showed up at my place.

Me: It's almost CNY. What happen to u both oh...
Bro: Ur dad really xyzzzzz bla bla bla~

Me: So reunion dinner how?
Bro: Don't care. Ask the old man eat himself.

Me: Har...
Bro: I wanna stay with u till end of month.

Me: Cannot. Max can stay 1 day only.
Bro: Walao, u only hv one bro. Why u treat me like that!

Me: U only hv one dad oso. U hv to go pasar tmr. Why both of u so childish!

Night. After bro talked a lot and ate some ice cream, fruits, CNY biscuits, etc (ate a lot) at my place, he became happier.

Bro: I can go home now.
Me: Oh, not going to overnight ya?

Bro: Nvm la, I forgive him.
Me: Thanks God. Everytime u come I need to restock my food. Pls go away.

Family, is family. No overnight hatred we said. Support and forgive.

I am nt a good conflict resolver but I think learning nt to throw harsh words during argument is essential (They r bad examples).

Anyway, reunion dinner did happened, in the messy home with lots of useless shit. πŸ˜‚

That's the fish I cooked for our reunion dinner. Wish I got surplus 🐟 frm both of them on mahjong πŸ€„ table.

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