Fish 033

fish stall
fish stall

Photo shown premium prawn peeling service by me for a friend. Price x 125%. 😆

Serve an annoying mumbling auntie today.

A: (Pass me a basket of 2 mackerels) Help me reserve these.
Me: Ok. (Kept the basket. Busy packing others fishes)

5 seconds later

A: Help me keep them in the reserve box below.
Me: (Still busy) Yes I will do later. It's safe here. I rmb you. No worries.

ConversationAbove.loop(3 times, every 5 sec) #annoying 🙄😡😒

A: Do it now. Later other ppl steal my fish.
Me: 🙄 (No one will steal but ok. Pause operation, kept her 2 mackerels in a bag n put in reserve box)

A few moments later...

Dad: (Added a few more fishes in A's bag in the reserve box, WITHOUT me noticing)

1 hour later

A and B come at the similar time, asked for their fishes.

B: Where is my fish?
Dad: Here. Take out that bag.

Me: (🔍 in box) Eh, where is my bag of 2 mackerels?
Dad: Don't know.

A: See I told you, now my fishes missing. U lah!
Me: (Look at B's bag, look at dad) U steal my mackerels!?
Dad: Oh... that's yours ah...

B: Nevermind, can give her that. (B is a premium & easy-going customer)
A: I don't want! Doesn't look like mine. The 2 mackerels I picked js nw so chubby, these r too slim, eyes look small, bla bla bla. (Minus 3000 mumbling of her I-told-you-so 🙄)

Dad: It's yours la.
Me: (Losing patience) So u want anot?
A: Don't want. (Bla bla bla again.)

B: Help me to pack it then.
Me: Okay. (No fish for u, bye A)

A: (Keep mumbling. My god, can u stop.)
Dad: Enough. (Offer her a RM6 fishcake in discounted price RM5)

So whose fault is it? Auntie, dad or me.

It could be dad who steal, or me coz im nt labeling the fish bag with her name. (Most of the time we dont, js by memory as quantity r small)

Or it could be tht auntie. If she didn't insist to put in tht reserve box, the fish could be still safe under my watch. 😆

Blame the system n boss lah. There should be protocol to prevent internal conflicts like this. 🙈

Anyway im happy that annoying auntie doesn't get any fish. Cannot imagine if I'm her children, keep mumbling by her. #behtahan 🙉

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