Fish 031

fish stall
fish stall

This is what's left at 7.52am. Ppl keep storming in after 8 but no more fish.

Heard frm aunties, all the surrounding pasars either closed down due to COVID cases or gt rumors about tht.

We r the last pasar standing at the moment, but it's js a matter of time. *Touch wood*

Me and dad conversation ytd.

Me: Life is more important or money?
Dad: As long as I got life, money is important. Don't ask stupid question.
Me: (😂 Ok, u win)

Dad: Help me write a letter to apply operation permit frm MITI and movement approval from police station.

Me: Need meh? Ask ur son to help.
Dad: Ur bro English nt good.

Me: Ur daughter Malay nt good.
Dad: Shut up. Just do what ur dad said.

Me: I don't want to go pasar tmr. My life is precious.
Dad: If me and ur bro COVID positive, u think u can escape?
Me: (🙄 ... u win)

Dad: Now is the best time to earn money, before the rules change again.

Dad: We piled up stock for Chinese New Year. Hv to sell those off, else no happy new year. gg.
Me: If we all tested positive, then it's really happy new year. All gg.

Dad: Shut up.
Me: 🤐

So here I am, in pasar today. I nvr agree but I think what he said make sense, we r on the same boat. Wish my family luck.

Hope you learn some persuasive skills frm this post lol. 😂 To get what u want, u dun need the other parties to agree. Js need to make sure they do what u want.

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