Fish 030

fish stall
fish stall

Today I wish I am octopus, hv many hands. Ppl panic buying like no tomorrow as rumors said might mco soon. Crazy ppl.

I like to observe ppl life through their purchasing behavior.

There's one Malay auntie we called her "Miss Malaysia".

She will buy ~3 pieces of salmon everytime her son came home.

Miss Malaysia sounds extra happy everytime when buy salmon. She told us her son like to barbeque salmon for the family.

It has been about a month she didn't buy salmon. Today she bought crabs, only 2 small one.

Guess her son is nt coming back yet? Too busy today. Didn't get time to chit chat.

Hopefully they don't change their salmon favorite to barbeque chicken else lose business. 😂

Faster go home, son! Our salmon sales depends on u.

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