Fish 028

fish stall
fish stall

GG, today business nt good. All eating turkey for Christmas is it? See my boss promote so hard today. 😂

To senior, on-the-job training is about you (trainer) or the newbie? Today dad and bro argue at the stall. 🙈

My bro is jobless recently, dad requested him to help at stall.

I reached at pasar slightly late tdy, stall was busy, and bro is thr helping ady.

Dad: (talk to me) U faster come, weight this and calculate that.

Me: (I saw bro is doing that already)

Dad: (talk to bro) No need u already, damn slow like 🐢. Faster go to the side, look after the other products.

Me: (brutal, but dad is always like that when he's busy)

Bro: (angry) Walao, u ask me to help, then u scold me like that.

Dad: (annoyed) Wah, is this consider scolding? U so slow, just stand on the side, learn a bit la.

Bro: I was looking after other good js nw, u asked me to come weight the fish! Blame me again and I will never help you.

Dad: (annoyed) Don't want to come then don't come la. Youngster nowadays so not teach-able.

(Customers watching, eating popcorn 🍿)

Me: Wah, u both so free fighting is it? (Stand btw them, start weighting the fish)

All get back to work silently.

When bro is away, I talked to dad.

Me: So do u want him to help or not?
Dad: Yes, but he is so slow.

Me: If you need help, can u talk politely?
Dad: You see, he came a few days already, still blur blur. He doesn't learn with heart.

Me: Boss, u teased him like that, then u expect him to learn passionately? Dream la.
Dad: (Silent for a while)

Me: U should appreciate he doesn't js walk away js nw. Adjust your way talking to him lo.
Dad: Erm... Aiya, u don't understand one la...

I think he listened, but whether he will improve anot we shall see.

Junior might be slow in learning and making newbie mistakes.

Try your best to assist, teach the way they absorb. Throwing cruel words might discourage them.

After all, u want the junior to perform and split the workload, not bringing u more trouble. Give chance a bit la.

I kesian my bro today, although he is really blur blur but i still guide him. My patient level is much better than dad, haha. Coz i want to escape my pasar duty. 😏

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