Fish 025

fish stall
fish stall

Polices come pasar spot check today.

Aunties: Aiyer... faster ciao, later kena fine 1k.
Stall sellers: Haiz, later they take photos, want to rasuah is it?

Me: Uncle, your fish RM 10. No worries la, just follow the rules, police won't simply fine u.

Uncle: Confused by the rules now. Don't exactly knw what to follow, later fish jump from RM 10 to RM 1010, no money pay la. 😂

Everyone worry about the money, not the virus.

Is it a problem of our system or citizen mindset? Confident to the enforcement system is so low.

Anyway, in a company, if unlawful thing happens, blame the system, not the employees.

While monetary reward/punishment could solve problems temporarily, it might not be the most effective one.

Wah, serious post today ah.

ps: I woke up late tdy because my dad didn't call me ytd to tell me "come earlier tmr" (refer to last week post). He scolded me, I said it's his fault. 😂

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