Fish 024

fish stall
fish stall

Woohoo! Today got crab. Slightly late tdy coz gt a tech talk immediately after pasar.

Me and my dad rarely call or text each other, except every Friday - he will text me a reminder: Remember to come earlier tomorrow.

Note that he always use the word "earlier".

It irked me and make me wonder: Am I not coming early enough every week, so u ask me to come earlier (than last week)? Could you rephrase your reminder?

But then I realized I don't care about the answer so much. 😆 Coz I won't go earlier anyway even if requested. Reaching at 6.30am is the best I can do ady.

And to debate about that sentence with my dad seems like a dumb thing to do. There's a lot of things in life or at work u don't need to clarify, rectify or react.

Don't take ppl word so seriously. Close one eye and just let it go. Don't be so detailed and bitchy k.

Choose your battle wisely.

Well, write is easier than done. 😂

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