Fish 023

Uncle is holding a big fish
Uncle is holding a big fish

No, the fish is belong to a Datin, uncle didn't buy anything. 😂

He passed by our stall and say this fish is beautiful, want to take picture with it. Dad approved, asked me to help him.

Walao, uncle got high photo requirements eh! Need to face sunlight la, try different poses and check end result.

After that, he told me: Your photoshooting skill nt bad ah, I can add u as fb friend. Many ppl dun knw how to take good photo.

Woah uncle! Should I feel honored that I qualified to be your fb friend? 😂

This could probably be a good pick up line if he is not my dad age. Guys, can learn that!

Aiya, forgot to ask uncle if he got son lol.

This fish is called Threadfin / Senangi / 马友.

No business learning this week. Super busy selling, tired. Keep hustling all!

*No, I didn't add him in fb.

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