Fish 020

Fish stall
Fish stall

Heck, raining whole morning. Envy dad bald head, no need to cover hair. 😂

Packing cod fish for a rich auntie. She's chit chatting with dad.

Auntie: Wah, ur daughter really good ah, every weekend come help u.

(Me intercept)

Me: Ya, daughter is good, but father isn't. U knw he charged me for the cod fish last last week, and he ate it. (Yes, he said MUST PAY, even he was eating oso 😤)

Auntie: Aiyor, did he paid u to come help out?
Me: Never.

Dad: Wah, she worked ady, time to pay back, IT good earning u knw.
Auntie: (Look at me) What u do ah? How much u earn ah?

Me: (🙄, kepochi, my dad doesn't even knw my 💰 ok)
Me: (divert topic) Eh, auntie, how much your son earn ah? I heard he earn a lot leh, is he single?
Auntie: (Proud mom speaking) ...

Today learning:
Learning the skill to nt answer questions directly, but still keep the conversation going, nt pissing ppl off, is a really important comm skill.

Divert and switch focus is a good method. I am getting better at this. Really a lot of kepochi ppl in pasar, asking direct privacy questions. Haha.

ps: Maybe her son really single... U nvr knw. The fact is, I don't even knw if she gt son anot, coz im nt kepochi k. 😂

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