Fish 016

Fish stall
Fish stall

Pasar way of calculation is not conventional for me.

When aunties asking "how much is the fish?", they are asking for per kati (600g) price, NOT per kilogram (kg).

However, when i weight the fishes, I calculate with kg price. 😌

Hard to remember the long list of price with 2 measurement systems, so the first thing i do is always writing them (like the picture).

My dad just memorize these numbers in his head. 👏 Sorry la, my brain doesn't work that way, similar to coding, just Google or StackOverflow when needed. 🙈

Me: Why pasar ppl dun ask for per kg price?
Dad: Because it sounds more expensive? Per kati sounds cheaper.

Me: But it's eventually the same price and it's easier for calculate.
Dad: People just wanna feel better at the moment of buying. It's like this one, just follow la.

Me: (not convinced) Testing saying KG price to a few customers

Customer ABCDE: 😱😱 Why ur fishes suddenly become so expensive!

Dad: (Stare at me in killing mode then explain to aunties) No la, per kati is RM XX la!

Me: (Ok, experiment failed. It's proven hard to change the existing system or I hv nt try hard enough! 😆)


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