Fish 003

Fish stall
Fish stall

I kept (hide) 1kg prawns and a fish for myself before biz start.

Biz is good. All prawns and fishs sold out. I took out my 🐟🦐, wanna split and pack.

Auntie A walks over.

Auntie A: Yi, no prawn ady ah? (Peeping at my prawn)

Me: (feeling alert)

Dad: Oh, that's my daughter one. U want ah, can lah, split half for u.

Me: … (I see that coming, but fine. Thinking still gt half kg ma)

Auntie B passed by, overheard the conversation.

Auntie B: Ei, I want oso leh! The other half give me la!

Dad: Okok! (Look at me) U take next time la.

Me: 😳😳😳

Auntie A: How about that fish ah? (looking my 🐟)

Me: Walao eh! (Stare at my dad with the expression - dare u say "can la" again, i flip table and resign frm this unpaid job permanently).

Lesson: Speak up and know your worth when ppl step over your boundary. Avoid ending up with NO FISH NO PRAWN!

The ending: Dad gt the signal. I end up with the fish, nt too bad la. 😁 Prawn high cholesterol ma, give to others la nvm. 😂

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