Fish 002

Fish stall
Fish stall

Two aunties come n buy same kind of fish concurrently. Weigh and send to the fish processing(dad) queue in FIFO manner.

Handing 1st fish to auntie A. Auntie B away for shopping.

Auntie A: U sure this is mine anot? Or that one (fish 2) is mine.
Me: Sure ah.

Auntie A: Ask ur dad.
Me: 🙄 (again…)

Dad: Oh, u want this ah (fish 2)? Can la, but this one is lighter wor, u sure?
Me: (Actually he is js bluffing…)

Auntie: Aiya, nvm la, ok la ok la. (Make payment like she's kind)

Moral of the story: Top management js bluff their way up and it works. Life as a middle mgmt / operation sucks. 😂 (neh, kan Malaysian always likes to ask customer service: whr is ur manager? #ifeelu 😆)


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